Field Work Day

UpdatedFriday January 24, 2020 byMatt Bailey.

It's almost time to play ball!  There is a lot to get done before the first pitch is thrown out!

This Sunday, January 26th, starting at 9am, we will have a work day to get some much needed maintenance items taken care of!  Here is a list of some of the things we’d like to do.  Bring any tools you have that might help!  Be sure to label them so they make it back to you!  Come by anytime you can!

  • Fire up score board and ensure that all bulbs light up
  • Replace connector ends on scoreboard keypad
  • Turn on sound equipment and ensure everything works
  • Install door to sound equipment
  • Build shelving for equipment shed
  • Install new springs for windows in concession stand
  • Paint poles for batting cages
  • Install new nets on batting cages (mulch down first)
  • Stake nets down to keep balls inside net (Steve has some rebar stakes)
  • Clean concession stand
  • Clean stairs to field house
  • Clean upstairs board meeting room
  • Clean sound equipment room
  • Clean both restrooms (stock up supplies)
  • Install new lights on the field house to shine toward batting cages
  • Clean the dugouts and roll trash cans out for use
  • Trim trees
  • Paint inside of field house
  • Pressure wash stands and all cement
  • Sod Cut rental to shape the field